Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography




“Pulling down the old,

Making way for the new.


Twisted metal

All askew.

Being recycled into something new.


Our skyline is changing at every turn,

Hopefully a positive effect

For all concerned.”

Francine Gassette

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  1. Change paves the way :)

  2. hi Francine,
    your “twisted metal” composition is ART!

  3. It is exciting to see someone else’s vision of what “improvement” means.

  4. Oh goodness, change is necessary but let’s hope its for the better.

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  6. Your shots are so effective Francine. I like especially the second one.

  7. We all hope that the old wasn’t part of our cities’ heritages. It is good, though, to see your city making way for the Future.

  8. Change is so fast it’s hard to catch up. I do hope that the old is replaced with something new that is better in every way because a lot of time when we tore something, precious memories goes with it too.

  9. Wow! I wouldn’t know where to begin to clear up that mess, Francine. Great captures. :)
    I’ve started a new blog to replace my adinparadise with the hammock. Here’s the link:

  10. Terrific photos. We know that the renewal is not always positive unfortunately. But some of it needed and good.

  11. Good or bad, you have captured some great transitional shots! Love no. 2.

  12. “Hopefully a positive effect
    For all concerned”

    Indeed! This is always a sensitive matter.

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