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The Christmas season is coming to a close and I am taken back to a Christmas day in 1956.  The day my little brother received his first train set.  It was a Lionel Steam Locomotive set.  The black engine, with steel parts and wheels, was made out of a heavyweight material such as cast iron or heavy metal.  It had a working head light, a smoke stack that emitted real smoke, a bell and whisle that would sound frequenly, coal trains and, of course, the little red caboose.  Seeing that train set under our Christmas tree going round and around blowing out smoke and hearing the sound of that whisle brings back many childhood memories.  Most of all I remember my brother’s face full of joy and excitement.

In November of this year I visited the Warther’s Museum where Ernest (Mooney) Warther’s amazing wood carvings were on display.  His carvings have been appraised by the Smithsonian Institution as “Priceless Works of Art.” 

 To all the train lovers out there, I hope this display will bring back treasured memories for you as well.  ENJOY!



  1. Boys and grown up boys love trains!

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