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This year I discovered I love taking pictures of animals.  With camera in hand, zoom lens in my camera bag and my tripod on my back, I set out for the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium where I found some willing students.  They don’t always do what you want them to do, especially if they are on the wild side.  I found that one can’t just go up to them and say: “Turn this way, Stand still a moment, Give me a smile, OK  look up, Let me see your profile, Hold your wings out for me, Cuddle up, Bump heads, and Stop looking so sad.”  Since I had the whole day, time and patience I was able to do just that.

When I arrived at the Zoo, I found it was the busiest day of the year because the Zoo was free to the public on this day.  No problem, that was not enought to stop me from my photo shoot.  Maybe that is why the animals were so cordial and wide awake.  Could it be that they love to ham it up for the crowd?  There were only a couple animals napping while all the rest followed my silent directions.  What a wonderful day it was!

Now after viewing my slideshow, can you tell which animals followed my non-verbal commands?  I hope you enjoyed the show!  Remember, don’t you folks turn into a bunch of wild animals after the ball drops at midnight tonight!



8 Responses to “LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS – OH MY!”

  1. That slideshow was awesome. Enjoyed your post very much. The giraffes are always my favorites. Great photos!

  2. Happy New Year Francine. I am enjoying following your blog!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2012. Thanks sending the photos. It is nice to have a few of me to share with the family as there aren’t too many as I am always the one shooting!

    • Thank YOU Ruthie. Everything I do on my blog I learned directly from you by either following your blog or getting on hand instructions. Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR as well.


  3. Your photos are wonderful.

    I also have a photo blog at

    Happy New Year. Judy

  4. Beautiful shots, I go to the Toronto zoo as much as I can. This summer I am planning a trip to the Pittsburgh zoo.

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