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January 31, 2012

A-Z ACHRIVES: E CHALLENGE The eyes are the windows to the soul.  How do we see?  What is seen in our eyes? Friendly Eyes                          Eyes of Wisdom Eyes of Despair                       Eyes of Rejection Evil Eyes                                 Eyes Full of Love Eyes of Peace                          Tired Eyes Tearful Eyes                            Critical Eyes Eyes of Sadness                      Eyes of Excitement Eyes […]


January 30, 2012

SALVATORE’S PIZZA HOUSE My grandchildren love pizza and I love fried chicken wings.  Every once in a while we stop in at Salvatore’s Pizza House  for some of each.  Salvatore’s is famous for their fried chicken wings which are represented by the trophy that sits proudly on their counter. Maureen and Patty (who consented […]


January 29, 2012

HUG AWARD It is an honor for me to receive this HUG AWARD that was given to me by Kate Kresse at  and created by Connie Wayne of the guidelines for this award can be found here: This award is important to me because when I started my blog it was with the desire  […]


January 29, 2012

 Reflections, they are all around us.  I wish to share with you the refections I found around my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  Hopefully you will see the beauty of the city refected here. Click on picture for larger image.  “The begining of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist […]


January 28, 2012

I am honored to receive the Candle Light Award from Kate Kresse  She created this award for bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog.  I am humbled that she believed in me and my blog.  As I am a new blogger she has reached out  to helped and encouraged me in […]


January 28, 2012

This week I have been especially inspired by the post of many of my fellow bloggers.  So I write. When someone says an unkind word to you, that hurts you in some way.                         “Shake it off” You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  When things don’t go as you expected.                         “Shake it off” God […]


January 27, 2012

ETERNAL HOPE My daughter brought this painting and I have it hung in a special place in our home to remind us daily about our HOPE.  Sorry I don’t know the name of the artist. BE ENCOURAGED!  BE BLESSED!


January 27, 2012

The days of winter are long, cold and gray.  My soul longs for some greenery.  Click on image for larger view.


January 26, 2012

I found more items for the A-Z Archives:D Challenge. DUCKS ON A FROZEN POND These photos were taken in 2010 when we experienced a very cold and snowy winter.  


January 25, 2012

A few years ago Pittsburgh sponsored  “Dinomite Days” where over 100 decorated dinosaurs came to various locations around Pittsburgh.  The dinosaurs were hand decorated by artists throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, these dinosaurs were destined to add a splash of prehistoric panache to Pittsburgh’s parks, plazas, and public streets. It was a public art event […]