Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography


One evening as I approached my home I looked up and noticed this beautiful sunset.  The colors of orange, red, yellow and purple were spread across the evening sky in a blanket of warmth.  There after I made it my business to capture the morning sunrise.  Not so easy as I thought because I had to get up earlier to catch it.  One thing I noticed as I put the scenes before me in print was the sunset goes out in a blaze of glory.  But wait, the sunrise also comes forth in blazing glory.

I began to meditate on this and realized that a lot happened in the middle of a sunset and a sunrise.  There are sunny skies, cloudy, stormy, snowy and rainy skies.  Each having a different effect on our life, attitude and mood.  Each giving us an opportunity to choose how we react to the different occurrence of change.  Change isn’t always easy and a lot of us try to resist it.  Sometimes because we are afraid of the unknown or what it will cost us to embrace it.  But you know, without change, life would be constant, with no excitement, joys and sorrows.  Just a bland, boring level plane.  No hills, mountains or valleys in life.  With no opportunity for personal growth, growth in knowledge and nature that come from experiencing change.  It is through accepting change that we grow and mature.  It is how we find our identity and fulfillment in life.

When I think of past days, no mater what they brought, I am still here.  I survived the joys, sorrows, lost and gains and now I am on the threshold of a brand new day, a brand new year with the excitement of knowing I have been giving another chance to experience life all over again.  Through it all, I survived!  Now I can do more, love more, encourage more, and most of all I have the opportunity to praise and thank God more for His mercy and grace.

So join me as I embrace the year ahead.  One by one we can make this journey through 2012 a life changing one.  Let us, together, experience all the excitement, joys, and sorrows it has to offer us knowing we will become a better person as a result of it.



7 Responses to “SUNSET – SUNRISE”

  1. Absolutely beautiful
    And love the slideshow!!!

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post. Happy New Year 🙂 Judy

  4. nice and beautiful!
    happy new year 🙂

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