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Seeing Life Through Photography


Welcome to my city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the home of the six times  Super Bowl Champion,  Steelers.  The last day of the regular season the team was able to win a spot in the playoff by beating the Cleveland Browns 13 – 9.  We are limping into the post season games, but on the way there we broke some records:  Hines Ward completed  1,000 career receptions;  Antonio Brown ran for  1000 yards in receptions and 1000 yards in returns all in the same season.  Heath  Miller moves past Lynn Swann in receptions;  The Steelers makes their 26th playoff appearance since the 1970 merger. 

I took the photos included in the slideshow over the course of  two years with the exception of the photos of my two favoriate players Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu.  Their pictures  were downloaded from a free service on the internet.   



  1. Well you certainly have nothing to fear from the Vikings!!!! Good luck 🙂

  2. Don’t know the first thing about this but my son sits up noghts to watch the Superbowl. Plenty of action in your photos!

  3. Oops- he even sits up nights too sometimes!

  4. not a sports fan but they are interesting shots francine 🙂

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