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Yesterday, (January 3rd) was the day the grandchildren went back to school.  The twins headed out to high school and I drove the oldest back to her dorm on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.
It was a cold bitter day in the city that was experiencing its’ first significant snow fall (3.1 inches).   Traffic on the Parkway was very heavy and backed up for a couple of miles.  Something you would expect during rush hour, but this was not rush hour.  When we approached the Squirrel Hill Tunnel I noticed their had been a serious accident and on the side of the road, a tow truck was loading a badly damaged car onto the truck bed.  After 25 minutes in traffic we made it to the dorm and blended in with the hustle and bustle of students arriving back from the holiday break and new students checking in for the first time.
I treated my granddaughter to a late breakfast at Pamela’s, were we dined on their famous pancakes.  Heading back to the dorm we saw a mini parade of Pittsburgh’s finest (the motorcycle patrol cars) approach from a side street and park.  I wasn’t fast enough to capture their pictures before they dislodged from their bikes, but I did get a photo of the motorcycles parked in a line of precision on the side of the University Law Building.


2 Responses to “BACK TO SCHOOL”

  1. I like those bikes in a row !!!

  2. Great photos! It looks very cold in Pittsburgh.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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