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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Yesterday I received from one simple thing “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD” for which I am “GRATEFUL”.  Sometimes we forget that it is the simple things in life that bring us multiple joy, peace and happiness.

It became complicated for me when, with my limited knowledge of blogging and its’ mechanism, I tried to pass this award on to others.

So for all of you who follow this blog, here is my simple “THANKS”.  You are appreciate and I am encouraged by you.  I give you this award along with this flower I photographed a few months ago. Please enjoy!



9 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple”

  1. Beautiful flower my favorite color

  2. Great entry beautiful 🙂

  3. A beautiful photograph. Congratulations on receiving the lovely blog award. You are doing great.

  4. I saw up above that you were having a hard time passing the link along for your award. I am giving you a link that a friend gave me that can help you add the widget to your sidebar. This that link (just click on it)
    If you want to see how I passed on some awards, just look at some of my posts for 1/20 like this one. post one like that by putting the links for the blogs you are awarding in that post. Then you copy the hyperlink for that post and paste it in a comment on your pal’s blog. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need help, I will do what I can! Congratulations on your award. Your snow picture is gorgeous 🙂

    • i meant flower picture; i thought i had seen a snow picture called pristine—but when i scrolled back up it was a flower. sorry for my confusion

      • Hi Kate, I do have a post called Pristine on Jan 20th and I did have another post on that same day where I was trying to thank a fellow blogger for giving me an award and I was just messing it up so badly I just deleted it because I didn’t know how to fix it. I appreciate you giving me instructions on how to correct this and will get back to you. Be Encouraged! Be Blessed!

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