Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography


Patterns in Life

We all form patterns in our lives that dictate how we live and who we are.  But we must be careful these patterns or habits don’t quince new opportunities for personal or spiritual growth.

When I retired I wanted to shift my work pattern so I could stay fresh and invigorated, and use the experience that I had gained in 35 years, but in a slightly different direction.  I picked up my camera and started the journey of looking at life through its lens.  I am finding new wonders in the world, with a new appreciation for everything big and small.

I took a photo of this duck swimming in a little pond in the park. He seems to move through life calmly, without a care in the world.  Look at the patterns on his back.  Beautiful!  Life is beautiful, enjoy it while you can.  I am.



3 Responses to “PATTERNS”

  1. So many patterns in nature, waiting to be captured. Good one.

  2. this is so beautiful!

  3. Crocheting for hand sewing needs…

    […]PATTERNS « Francine In Retirement[…]…

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