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A few years ago Pittsburgh sponsored  “Dinomite Days” where over 100 decorated dinosaurs came to various locations around Pittsburgh.  The dinosaurs were hand decorated by artists throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, these dinosaurs were destined to add a splash of prehistoric panache to Pittsburgh’s parks, plazas, and public streets.

It was a public art event of Jurassic proportions, where DinoMite Days celebrated Pittsburgh’s international reputation for scientific excellence while showcasing emerging and established artists.

So I picked up my camera and went dinosaur hunting.  The Torosaurus and Stegosaurus Dinosaurs were given catchy names such as “Dolly Dollarsaurus”, Neurosaurus (Stegosaurus), PPG TyranAQUARIUM Rex (T-Rex), Lost Pittsburgh (Stegosaurus), Jurassic Jewel (Stegosaurus) and Ketchupsaurus (Torosaurus) to name a few.  Here are a few of the ones I was able to hunt down and shoot.    Recently when the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rides Again” filmed in Pittsburgh,  one of the dinosaurs was dressed in a bat cape.  Enjoy!

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  1. 100 dinosaurs! Great slide show, funny. We have bears in Berlin (and Freising), penguins in my hometown Wuppertal; but Dinosaurs are more funny!

    • Thanks Frizz, At the time the dinosaurs were on display the city had a challenge with various clues on how to find where they were located. You should have seen me running around town trying to find them.

  2. The suit and tie t-Rex is awesome lol!

  3. I remember those! I use to live and work in Pittsburgh and I remember seeing dinosaurs around town. Great entry for the “D” challenge.

  4. Impressive I love all of it excellent shot my friend 🙂

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