Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography


The days of winter are long, cold and gray.  My soul longs for some greenery.  Click on image for larger view.



  1. I’m in needed for greenery as well something about flowers in bloom makes me feel alive!

  2. Spring will be here again, but it is hard to wait. Nice post.

  3. Francine: I am giving you 3 blog awards today. I will put the 1st one in this comment box. the other 2 i will post a little later in separate comment boxes. the first one is The Candle Lighter Award. It is an award I created for blogs/bloggers that light up the world with their love and joy. Here is the link for you to read more about it.
    I am also giving you a link that can teach you how to put award badges into your right sidebar in the form of widgets. that link is here found on my blog by clicking the Awards and Badges button in my header)
    Now—when you accept your award (this or others that folks give you) you write a little post about it. You copy and paste the link that was used to give you the award into the post you write. If you pass the award on, you put those links in your post, too—and notify your recipients. Does that make sense?

    • Thank you Kate, I am truly honored to receive your rewards. I am not computer savy and will have to wait until my granddaughter comes home from college for a visit this weekend, to assist me. Your instructions are very helpful but I get these senior moments (smile) and lose my way. I still have your instructions from before. Thank you for caring enough to help me, it is very much appreciated. Be Encourage! Be Blessed! Agape’ Francine

  4. Wonderful photography! I love waterlilies!

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