Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography



The eyes are the windows to the soul.  How do we see?  What is seen in our eyes?

Friendly Eyes                          Eyes of Wisdom

Eyes of Despair                       Eyes of Rejection

Evil Eyes                                 Eyes Full of Love

Eyes of Peace                          Tired Eyes

Tearful Eyes                            Critical Eyes

Eyes of Sadness                      Eyes of Excitement

Eyes of Wonderment               Eyes that are focused

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

Look in my Eyes, what do you see?

At some point in our journey through life our eyes have seen all of the word images I have put before you.  Some may say, “I’ve seen it all”.  In the end we must have Eyes like little children. Innocent, trusting, full of wonder and excitement and focused on the Master the author and finisher of our faith.

Think about what we see and what we allow our eyes to see.  We can allow our eyes to see things that can corrupt our souls.  Be careful were you are allowing your eyes to roam.  Then again we can see some beauty in everything and everyone.  Let’s let the wonderful things we see motivate us to be kind to one another.  Let us all strive to be like little children who see the world in a different way than our old Eyes.   (Click on photo to see full size)

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8 Responses to “EYES”

  1. Good one for the challenge!

  2. Love that one, Francine! 😉

  3. Very cool Francine!

  4. I enjoyed to click on the one eye to get a two eyes portrait – the wonderful make up says: still able, to feel the optimistic emotions of a child!

  5. Beautiful post! 🙂

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