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February 29, 2012

TO HAVE FAITH “We have the God given ability to believe, to have faith – in God, in ourselves, and in our fellow man.  Christ has told us “according to your faith, be it unto you.”  What a wonderful promise in those words. We have only to put our problems before Him with a humble […]


February 28, 2012

A-Z ARCHIVE CHALLENGE:  I ICHABOD The name “Ichabod” in the Bible means the glory is gone.  We find many small churches across our country in which the glory of the Lord has departed and the church building has closed down.  I wonder if this little story I found below may be the cause of some […]


February 27, 2012

I thought I would post a travel blog about the city of Pitsburgh.  A place I call home.  The following slideshow shows places and buildings of interest around town.  I am also including some Pittsburgh trivia and fun facts that I hope you will enjoy. Pittsburgh ranked in the top five Most Livable Cities in the […]


February 26, 2012

When I think of landscapes, I think of fall. It was the season in which I was born.  The colors of nature are at its wonderful peak.  Orange, yellow and red burst vividly from the trees.  The sun is warm against the skin.  It radiated with brightness through the leaves of the tree and cast […]


February 25, 2012

This weeks photo challenge with the daily press is Indulge.  It has taken me a while to sort through my archive of photos to show what indulge means to me.  I have been on a few cruises and I would like to indulge myself again in this activity.  When you are on a cruise you […]


February 24, 2012

PHOTO FRIDAY:  INNER CITY Here is my interruption of Photo Friday’s theme Inner City.  I choose a number of photos taken over a period of two years to show a view of life inside the inner city.  You can find other interruptions located here:  I hope you see that each photo tells a story […]


February 23, 2012

I have always been an early riser and nothing has changed in the years since I retired.  I find the time just before sunrise to be very peaceful.  A time in which I am fresh in mind, body and spirit.  Stillness, complete stillness with no interference from other sources.  It’s a time to communicate with God and listen […]


February 22, 2012

Yesterday I drove my elderly neighbor and friend to her doctor’s appointment, something I have been doing since her husband passed away three years ago.  She was in the examining room for a very long time and I became a little restless.  I had my camera with me, as always, so I began looking around for […]


February 21, 2012

A-Z ARCHIVE: H Every year the city of Pittsburgh has its annual Three Rivers Arts festival. The history of the festival can be found here: A few years ago the festival celebrated its 50th anniversary with the launching of the floating head of Andrew Carnegie.  Information found here: Below are the photos I took […]


February 20, 2012

  One Shot, the book by Lee Child and summarized here:,15202,78797,00.html The movie starring Tom Cruise was filmed in part in Pittsburgh, PA.  When I found out off I went with camera equipment in hand to take some photos of the filming.  Problem was they had the set locked down like Fort Knox and you couldn’t […]