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We pass through many entrances in our daily journey through life.  By way of my photographs I have put a few of them together (all of which I shot except two) in this slideshow.

Each entrance is an opportunity to learn or experience something new in life no matter how often we pass through them.  All we have to do is look at or for the little things we pass through or by.

There is the entrance to our homes, where love is experienced for the first time and where we welcome others in with the spirit of love and hospitality.

Our churches, temple or other places of worship where we learn about our creator and the scriptural principles that we apply to guide our lives.

The library, a public place where, for free, we can travel all over the world and learn about every subject known to man just by lifting a book from its’ shelf and opening it up to reveal the knowledge it has to offer us.  We have the internet now.

There are the steps (on occasion) we climb to enter the doors to history that is found in our museums and the halls of war memorials.  Here we can see replicas and read about war and battles gone by.

In Pittsburgh, as in most cities, we have Phelps Conservatory.  It is the place where President Obama and his wife hosted leaders of the G20 summit for dinner during his first year in office.  In these glass enclosed buildings  we find a place where we can see the beauty of nature.

There is the entrance to our sports centers.  These centers are places where we can watch or participate in healthy recreational activities.  One of ours is called the Peterson Event Center, located on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

Then there are two others entrances depicted in the slideshow, one showing an open hand and the other showing an open door.  I’ll let you write or interrupted your own definitions of these.

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11 Responses to “ENTRANCES IN LIFE”

  1. Beautiful! Entrances in life. Nice concept.

  2. Love the post and the slideshow very much!

  3. I love what you did with this concept and how you presented it!

  4. i like to think of Jesus opening those doors and saying to the people kneeling down “turn’re home now”/ and the photo with the open hand, Jesus saying “here child, place your burdens and troubles right here in my hand”…

  5. I enjoyed your Pittsburgh tour this morning! Thank you 🙂

  6. great post. I love the open doors in my life.

  7. Your words are so welcoming and an inspiration to read. Great photos, too. I especially LOVE the old architecture of some of those buildings – beautiful! Thank you for putting Jesus in all you do. You offer hope to so many. *hug*

    • Thank you so much Carol for your words of encouragement. It is one of the reasons why I love posting on this blog, because it is a way to reach out to others in love and encouragement and when I receive it I am inspired even more.


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