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You have met Oliver the Orangutan, now meet his friend George the Gorilla.  They both live at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium where they are neighbors.

I think because George thinks he is the king of the jungle, he takes delight in those who come to visit him.  He is a crowd pleaser and entertains us with his many expressive antics.  Here are a few of them.

Claudia at said George seems like he has a headache.

 Isadora at said:  I think the #5 or #6 look’s like he’s saying “no, I don’t want to eat my banana”  and I think #7 says “I got this haircut first”

If you can think of any captions for the above photos please leave a comment.  All are welcomed.

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  1. ah yes so very expressive, i wonder what he would like to tell you!

  2. Great photos! That last photo seems like George has a headache.

  3. great photos. I love George in repose.

  4. Wonderful Expression post 🙂

  5. George is a star – I spent time with the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and at times felt like the exhibition – they were amazing, just like George

  6. Love George, George, George of the Jungle, or of the Zoo, rather. 😉 Very expressive photos. I so enjoy watching the gorillas at the zoo. They always look as though they have a lot to say. Great capture and entry for the week.

  7. I just love this photos so expressive and some real cute.

  8. Fantastic pictures. Really makes one wonder what he is thinking and feeling.

  9. Amusing! George is just full of all kinds of expressions.

  10. The photo’s of George are GREAT … he is very photogenic.
    I think the #5 or #6 looke like he’s saying
    “No, I don’t want to eat my banana”
    I think # 7 says
    “I got this haircut first”
    HAhahhhahahaha … they are humorous.
    Nicely done,

  11. Expressions with George is priceless! Thanks for sharing!!

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