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What is graffiti?  It is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Here are some graffiti art I photographed in and around Pittsburgh.  Some were taken at a closed down steel mill, known as the Carrie Furnace.  Others on the walls of local buildings.




 Don’t let anyone scribble, scratch or paint words on the walls of your hearts that tear down rather than build up.  They can come in the form of beautiful colors and patterns but be very distructive to the fabric and structure of your life.



19 Responses to “GRAFFITI ART”

  1. Nice and colourful 🙂 That steel mill is worth a detailed photographic study in itself!

    • Thank you. I went on a photo shoot to the Carrie Furnace late last year and took over 450 photos of this site. I do plan to do an extensive photo display of it. I did do a DVD on it but need to streamline it down time wise for the blog. The DVD with music is running 52 minutes.

  2. Incredibly vibrant colors!

  3. Some of this art is just amazing!

  4. nice shot

  5. It’s amazing how artistic and creative graffiti can be sometimes.

  6. Here’s something for you on Saint Valentine’s Day and the ABC Award 🙂

    • Sunshine, Thank you for nominating me for this award. I am honored and blessed by your thoughtfulnes. I appreciate your gift on this Saint Valentine’s Day.

  7. Those are great shots, Francine! I love graffiti, as long as it’s in good taste, and I think these are genius. Gorgeous!

  8. I wish they had this in a huge canvas so I can place them in my living room. Unsung artists with so much talents and expression for a better world. I bet they inspired more hearts that an expensive commercial painting. Beautiful post with optimistic, bright images. Thanks…

  9. Some very cool graffiti here. Thanks!

  10. terrific, i am thrilled to see all that great graffiti! i did an art one too 🙂

  11. how many calories in a turkey sandwich 1…

    […]GRAFFITI ART « Francine In Retirement[…]…

  12. i am new to this blogging stuff-my son The Fibitz just got me started–i like your images of the graffiti-you are quite creative-please check out my new blog-the more i get into this and learn the better-and i learn from viewing other peoples work- thank you Will

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