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One Shot, the book by Lee Child and summarized here:,15202,78797,00.html

The movie starring Tom Cruise was filmed in part in Pittsburgh, PA.  When I found out off I went with camera equipment in hand to take some photos of the filming.  Problem was they had the set locked down like Fort Knox and you couldn’t get close to it if you tried.

Below are photos of one particular scene from different angles.  I did get photos of Tom Cruise’s tour bus that he uses on location.  Though his bodyguard tried to tell me it didn’t belong to him.   Truth is I had seen this particular bodyguard beside the tour bus in an online  photos of another movie set Tom Cruise was starring in. Although the set was on lock down, where possible I just used my zoom lens and shot away. The photos below are all from one particular scene, taken from different angles. I hope I see this scene in the movie, so I can say I shot that as well.

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One Response to ““ONE SHOT” IN PITTSBURGH”

  1. that’s cool, you got to shoot so much 🙂

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