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Every year the city of Pittsburgh has its annual Three Rivers Arts festival. The history of the festival can be found here:

A few years ago the festival celebrated its 50th anniversary with the launching of the floating head of Andrew Carnegie.  Information found here:

Below are the photos I took of this floating art display to share with you and to mark my entry in the A-Z archive:  H challenge created by Frizztext found here:







8 Responses to “HUGE HEAD”

  1. Hehe, imagine the size of the head ache pills for this guy!

  2. Wonderful for the theme!!!

  3. this is incredible …i love artworks that surprise us!

  4. Big ….float-ing head…Like that!

  5. Good one, Francine. Your blog is a pleasure to visit! Keep up the good work.

  6. Wow those heads are scary….

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