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Yesterday I drove my elderly neighbor and friend to her doctor’s appointment, something I have been doing since her husband passed away three years ago.  She was in the examining room for a very long time and I became a little restless.  I had my camera with me, as always, so I began looking around for something of interest to photograph.  Nothing looked interesting until I took a second look at the entrance into the waiting room right off from the street.  The office entrance is located in a shopping plaza and is surrounded by square glass blocks from top to bottom.  Looking at the glass block I just saw distorted light coming through with no particular pattern.  I took my photo and looked at it and, wow, behold I find a portrait of glass art right before me.  Click, click, click went my camera.  I was having fun with each photo I took.  Every one was different from the next.  I could only imagine what the photos would look like if the sun had been shinning. It was a cold, gray day with snow flakes in the air.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.  I am thinking about making a triptych and framing it to give to the doctor for her office, as she is also my doctor.  Now the only problem I have is chosing which three to use.  I took about 78 photos.




6 Responses to “GLASS BLOCK ART”

  1. Terrific find. Right there in front of you and SHOOT! Very cool.

  2. Oh these are cool shots!! Right up my alley!!!

  3. Each block is different. Great shots!!

  4. I had a similar experience ( in my office staircases. But your back ground was surely better, The fascinating thing is that every day, the same brick changes its ghost image from a flower to a dancer, from a bird to a forest. I suppose that some shrinks could buy the prints to use in associative therapy..

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