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This weeks photo challenge with the daily press is Indulge.  It has taken me a while to sort through my archive of photos to show what indulge means to me.  I have been on a few cruises and I would like to indulge myself again in this activity.  When you are on a cruise you unpack once and visit several different destinations.  You can eat as much as you want, play as hard as you desire, stay on board or tour the different port of calls.  The midnight buffet is awesome.  It is a time of fun and relaxation.  If you just want to sit on a deck chair and look at the water, you can.  Whatever you want to indulge in you can.  I think I just talked myself in indulging in another cruise.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, taken on a throw away Kodak camera.




  1. An indulgence in relaxation! 🙂

  2. I liked the limbo dancer–lots of action. The ship pictures look boring to a hyperactive like me. wouldn’t mind a shot of the midnight buffet though!

    • I looked for the buffet pictures but couldn’t find them. Photos taken before digital camera and are scattered in some box somewhere.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. It looks like great fun!

  4. You and I have the same indulgence… Cruises and travel. oh yeah.

  5. that looks fabulous

  6. Right now, with wind blowing and snow falling, the warmth you’re showing and the thought of sitting in a lounge chair, on the deck of a ship, with the sound of water lapping and the warmth of the sun penetrating sounds like the absolute indulgence.

  7. great collection,,;)

  8. I especially love that last photo!


  9. Take me next time, pretty please!! I can fit in your luggage. 🙂
    Great collection of photos!

  10. Beautiful Entry I really Like it 🙂

  11. Some nice photo’s with a throw-away. Proves you don’t need anything fancy to take a picture, just a good eye…

  12. Hey this is really a great set of photos for this week. I have never been on a cruise ship, how fun. The water is so calming. Be blessed.

  13. Looks like it was so memorable… Wish I wasn’t so afraid of the ocean… Lol.

  14. That’s looks so wonderful and so much fun 🙂

  15. What a great way to indulge in relaxation!! Wonderful experience 🙂

  16. I do enjoy cruises…everything is planned out for you.

  17. I am SO there!

  18. Hi Francine thanks for the word pictures of the meaning of the word indulgement. Yes for me the ideal would be a voyage where your every whim is catered for, how could that be??
    Thanks for making me enviious !

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