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I thought I would post a travel blog about the city of Pitsburgh.  A place I call home.  The following slideshow shows places and buildings of interest around town.  I am also including some Pittsburgh trivia and fun facts that I hope you will enjoy.

  • Pittsburgh ranked in the top five Most Livable Cities in the 1983, 1989 and 1985 editions of the “Places Rated Almanac.”
  • The fountain at Point State Park, right at the tip of the golden triangle (downtown Pittsburgh) is fed by a glacial formation and sprays 6,000 gallons per minute.
  • Pittsburgh is home to nine Fortune 500 companies.
  • The Carnegie Museum of Art opened in 1895 as the world’s first museum of modern art.
  • Mister Rogers’ real neighborhood was Oakland, home to WQED (the first public television in the country) and the “Neighborhood of Make Believe.”

Allegheny County has more than 1,700 bridges, 720 within city limits, and 15 major bridges crossing downtown Pittsburgh alone.

Pittsburgh Firsts

Famous Pittsburghers

  • · Dancers/ choregoraphers Martha Graham and Gene Kelly
  • · Musicians Stephen Foster, Henry Mancini, Billy Strayhorn, Billy Eckstine and George Benson
  • · Vocalists Lena Horne and Perry Como
  • · Pulitzer Prize-winning writers August Wilson and Annie Dillard
  • · Environmentalist and Silent Spring author Rachel Carson
  • · Actors / Musicians Michael Keaton, The Vogues, Rusted Root, Christina Aguilera, Bobby Vinton, Jeff Goldblum and Dennis Miller
  • · Football superstars Tony Dorsett, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Gus Frerotte

 Pittsburgh’s Famous Food

  • · The Big Mac, the world’s most famous hamburger, was ‘invented’ near Pittsburgh by McDonald’s franchise owner Jim Delligatti in 1967 and distributed nationally in 1968.
  • · Heinz Ketchup, invented in Pittsburgh by H.J. Heinz.
  • · Pierogies, found at restaurants throughout Pittsburgh, reflect Pittsburgh’s Polish heritage. Cooked in butter, these delicious dumplings are stuffed with potato and other flavorings depending on the creativity and tradition of the cook.
  • · Chipped Ham is one of Pittsburgh’s most famous foods. This spicy lunch meat made its debut in 1933 at Isaly’s, a locally based family chain of dairy stores. Former Pittsburghers are known to have it trucked or flown across the country when they get a hankering for this hometown favorite.
  • · The Klondike Bar, another Isaly’s original, is a vanilla ice-cream bar dipped in pure chocolate and packaged in a familiar silver wrapper. They cost a nickel when Sam Isaly invented them in 1929.
  • · Wedding Soup, that delectable Italian broth with tiny meatballs and rich egg pastina, is served throughout the city.
  • · Fried Zucchini Strips – thin, crispy and savory, are a hometown original and popular as an appetizer.
  • · ‘Pittsburgh Salad’ – take any salad and top with french fries.
  • · Primanti Bros. Sandwich – A sandwich with the fries and coleslaw added right in. Invented during the Depression so that day laborers could hold their entire lunch in one hands.

 Hope you enjoyed my little tour.  I think it also qualified for the Sunday Post: Landscapes, created by Jakesprinter and you can find more entries here:




  1. Great video my friend Thanks 🙂

  2. Wow that was something! Very cool. And lots of good info, too.

  3. Fantastic work, Francine! Pittburge reminds me of a cross between Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara Falls, ON. I’m going to have to visit there.

    • Welcome to my blog. Looking forward to exchanging posts. You will find the people in Pittsburgh very friendly. Big city with a small town feel.


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