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The name “Ichabod” in the Bible means the glory is gone.  We find many small churches across our country in which the glory of the Lord has departed and the church building has closed down.  I wonder if this little story I found below may be the cause of some church’s demise.

“A flourishing church was once reduced to complete ineffectuality.  Sunday school had customarily been held in the afternoon.  But the pastor and others in the church wanted to change it to the morning hour.  They knew that the Sunday school superintendent was strongly opposed to this.  Rather than face the matter openly with him, they met in secret and voted to change the hour.  When he learned of it, his feelings were deeply hurt.  Angry words were exchanged.  People in the church began to take sides, and soon a sizable faction moved out.  Bitterness quenched the work of the Spirit, and what was once a deeply spiritual and soul-winning church became a poorly attended one.  Lacking support, the edifice itself became shabby and unattractive, reflecting outwardly the destructive result of jealousy that led to strife and divisions.” 

Author Unknown.

I hope we do not allow jealousy or bitterness destroy our lives so that the glory of the Lord departs from it and we become like the church in the picture, old, shabby and unattractive, reflecting outwardly our destructive nature.

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7 Responses to “ICHABOD”

  1. It’s bound to happen, isn’t it. In the town where I grew up, there are many small churches of the denomination I was raised in. The reason? The congregation would get upset over something, and split.

    Funny how now the “in” thing is to attend huge, mega-churches with no outward affiliation. Maybe one reason is that many of us remember these struggles with churches.

    • Yes, you are correct, but a split is never good. I love the small church. They make you feel part of a close family where you could help to meet needs and have your needs met. All of which, sometimes gets lost in a mega-church. But that seems the wave of the future, and I sometimes wonder is that the way it should be.


  2. You learn something new every day… Now I know where Ichabod comes from! Good bit of thinking outside the box for the challenge

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  4. Thanks for the information on Ichabod!

  5. Great story, and sadly true of too many churches… A good reminder for Christians to pray for the church, the body of Christ, as a whole… Thank you

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