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Shopping Trip

Today I was busy preparing for my first travel adventure of the year, to be taken at the end of this month.  I have already booked my trip to the 100th Anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival being held in Washington D. C., so now I needed to get an outfit to wear on the Odyssey III Cruise Ship for the Grand Finale Cherry Blossom Cruise.  We were told to wear our best pink outfit to try to win a package trip for two to New York City.

I thought and thought about what I should wear, then my daughter suggested I wear a Japanese Kimono. I went on-line to purchase one and found the prices too high.  Then I thought, wait a minute, I  can make one myself.  So today I went off to the fabric store to buy pattern and material plus any  accessories I needed.  I even found a parasol to decorate to match my kimono dress.  I am still looking for a fan to use.

So tell me what do you think.  The pattern on the material is called cherry blossoms.  I will let you see it when I have finished making it.




  1. that will be perfect!! looking forward to seeing the finished products.

  2. How fun! The fabric is lovely. Perfect for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Can’t wait to see it when its done.

  3. So far, so good. Pretty fabric.

  4. it looks just right, we will need to see you all dressed up as a practice run before the cruise!!!

  5. Wonderful. I have never been to the festival. I hope you take lots of photos.

  6. Looks fantastic! Please remember to give us an update. Have fun!!

  7. That’s ambitious! The ones I liked when I was in Japan were too expensive for me. Also, my best friend’s mother was a professional kimono maker in Japan.

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