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Who doesn’t find pleasure at an amusement park.  As a child my siblings and I couldn’t wait for summer to come so we could go on our annual visit to Kennywood Amusement  Park

 As an adult I found great pleasure in taking my daughter to the same park.  Now as a grandmother of three, the tradition has been passed down to the third generation.  The pictures in this slideshow was taken on a solo visit when I just wanted to experience the pleasure of the park through the eyes of my camera.  A very old camera at that.

 Another form of pleasure to be found in an amusement park is the amazing food choices.  Please indulge in the pleasure of viewing this video.


Other entries on this challenge can be found of jakesprinter’s blog located here:



11 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: PLEASURE”

  1. Great Video for this week theme Pleasure,
    Nice work my friend Thank you:)

  2. so sorry to see the video is blocked for my country, it says it contains content from WMG … but i dont know what that is! i saw a flash of flying swings before it went black …. i love amusement parks too, the thrill of flying, dropping, being surprised, and laughing a lot 😀

  3. What fun amusement parks are – even the long lines at the rides do not take away the smiles of joy!

  4. Munching through the remnants of a bag of giant pretzels as I read this. Hosted a “girls night” on Friday and am finishing off the leftovers!

  5. what a great post

  6. It’s like reading my thoughts but only more fun and exciting. Whenever I’m at an amusement park, I forget my problems and just surrender to the joy and laughter. Then there’s the beautiful part of seeing how happy our kids are. Wonderful post. Best wishes to your family.

  7. Great post for pleasure. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. 🙂

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