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Le Magnifique – THE STATUE

Yesterday I heard they would be unveiling the Mario Lemieux statue called “Le Magnifique”.  You know me, I loaded up my camera and off I went for another photo shoot.  I didn’t make it in time for the unveiling nor to capture a photo of Mario, but I did get some photos of the statue and the gathered crowd and news media.

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The singular image of Mario Lemieux’s greatness as a hockey player is Lemieux bursting through two defensemen en route to the goal – brilliant, determined, unstoppable. As captured in this unique sculpture, the image also is a metaphor for everything Lemieux has accomplished in his life and career, overcoming obstacles, turning back challenges, facing seemingly insurmountable odds yet somehow succeeding through talent, dedication and sheer will. After beating cancer, Lemieux turned his focus to raising money for cancer research and neo-natal research, and his efforts through the Mario Lemieux Foundation have had a far-ranging impact on our community, especially our children. Having bought the Pittsburgh Penguins out of bankruptcy, he also led the effort to turn them into a model franchise – worthy of championships but also of the no. 1 ranking in Fan Relations in all of professional sports. His relentless quest for a new arena for Pittsburgh resulted in the spectacular CONSOL Energy Center, our region’s new multi-purpose entertainment center and soon to be a magnet for 21st century development.


• The statue is made of bronze

• It is 10.25’ high x 13’ long x 10’ wide

• It weighs 4,700 pounds

• It took 15 months to design and construct

• Each figure was sculpted separately and then assembled

• It was transported across the country from California to Pittsburgh in February on a 
large drop bed truck. The trip took six days.




  1. Excellent Francine. A proud day to be a Pittsburgher. Thanks for sharing your photos with the world!

  2. Cool collection of photos…shows the spirit of the day.

  3. The detail in this statue is amazing. You captured them well.

  4. Beautiful statue and you show its many details so well. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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