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Handmade replica’s of two of Christopher Columbus’ ships, the Nina and the Pinta, sailed into the city and docked between Heinz Field and PNC Park on the North Shore.

The replicas were made entirely by hand with no power tools in Brazil.  The Nina was built in 1988; The Pinta, in 2004.  There is no replica of the third ship, The Santa Maria, which ran aground and sank in 1492.

Below are a few of the pictures I took in November, 2009.  Please enjoy.


“One ship drives east and another west,

with the self-same winds that blow’

‘tis the set of the sail and not the gales

that determine where they go.

Like the winds of the sea are the winds of fate,

as we voyage along through life;

‘tis the set of a soul that decides its goal —

and not the calm or the strife.”

Author Unknown






  1. incredible to see the little ships of the discoverers … i love to see them when they come in to our ports too … our heritage 🙂

  2. Hi Francine, beautiful Sailing Ships, they always remind me of History, I know advancement is good, outboard motors etc but these Ships are elegant with their sails billowing in the breeze.

    I enjoyed the poem too, I write poetry but it’s very differant although it too catches the tides of change in our lives by the One who brings complete change.

    Thank you Francine for sharing, you have an eye for beauty in all it’s forms.

    Christian Love Anne.

  3. Good poem Francine. I love these old masted ships. We have a fabulous one, “Trincomalee”, in our marina in Hartlepool.

  4. Cool! I love stuff like this!

  5. Beautiful, I really want to sail on that ship.

  6. love the quote… and the photos..

  7. Would love to sail on that too! Lovely shots!

  8. Handmade! Wow that’s amazing! They’re beautiful!

  9. Beautiful ships, thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on Limeisbetter and commented:
    Several years ago, I was fond of models of ships.
    Very interesting post.
    It is more than just a models of ship of course. 🙂

  11. Beautiful photos and caption (which I’ve read before, but can’t remember where). Anyway, they go together well to create a wonderful blog entry. Great job, Francine!.

  12. I have nominated you for the H.U.G. Award for having a blog full of hope. Please go here to see what to do. Congratulations. I very deserving blog.

  13. Ah Francine we have replicas over her, it always amazes me that such little ships achieved those journeys centuries ago.A great post!

  14. Fabulous post, love the pictures to go with story…;)

  15. Incredible looking ships. It’s amazing what they were able to accomplish back then. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hey! Good pics.It’s amazing how they could get to those shores.
    Great poem.Shame we don’t know the author.

  17. This is so wonderful and the pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing this! I loved it!


  18. francine
    Thank you Francine for a very interesting blog on those photos ,it struck me how small those ships were and how courageous those sailors were to go to the unknown , but they did believe that they were going in the name of God.


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