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The A-Z ARCHIVE CHALLENGE is the letter  “O”  for this week.  The weekly challenge is created by Frizztext and you can find other post under the before stated A-Z Archive Challenge.  I have decided to use the last photos of the Occupy Pittsburgh movement that I had taken back in February to enter in the challenge.




The end came for Occupy Pittsburgh, one of the last remaining sites for the Occupy movement in the United States, on February 6, 2012.  An eviction notice had been posted on the property and after court hearings the eviction was enforced.  The protesters have been staying in Mellon Park since October 15, 2011, but the courts have said it was time to leave.   So the protesters staged a final rally and peacefully left the park.  See my earlier post here: 








6 Responses to “A-Z ARCHIVE: O”

  1. OCCUPY MOVEMENT: they peacefully left the park – but I hope, the idea lives on, that something must be changed …

  2. great post! big business runs things of course, they wont tolerate protest

  3. Great O…is the movement still alive without the actual camps?

  4. Great pics, Francine.

  5. Great way to recognize the OCCUPY PITTSBURGH. Thank you, Francine!

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