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Saturday, April 14, 2012, I was pleased and honored to photograph my first wedding.  I am not a professional photographer and I was a little scared and very unsure of myself being the source of photographing memories for someone’s special moment in life.  My friend was very supportive and said she really wanted me to do this for her.  She said she had confidence I would do a good job.  How could I resist.  I love taking pictures and being given free rein to do what I want on a photo shoot was like giving a kid in a candy shop permission to indulge himself.  I enjoyed myself so much, I forgot to be scared and nervous.  This was all due to the support and encouragement of the people I was photographing.

So today in the middle of sorting and processing her photos I was reminded of some graffiti or murals I had taken of brides a year ago and decided to use them in today’s post.

These graffiti murals were painted on the side and back of buildings in two different communities located in the city of Pittsburgh. 




22 Responses to “BRIDES ON THE WALL”

  1. Can’t wait to see the bridal shots!

  2. Those murals are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. And, congratulations on photographing your first wedding 🙂

  3. Lovely pics, Francine. Well done with the wedding photos. I would found it very stressful indeed. 😉

  4. Congratulations on your 1st photo shoot!
    I loved your post and the murals are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. I’m sure you’ll do a beautiful job for the wedding, and I love these murals. The first one is my favorite. Nice post! 🙂

  7. Wow! These are incredible! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing the exciting news!

  9. Congratulations on the wedding photos! These are great, too!

  10. Your friend knows without question how talented you are and that your bring out the best and beauty in all things. Congratulations. I bet those wedding pictures are amazing, a priceless treasure to the newly weds. Beautiful art murals. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. take care and have a blessed day.

    • I was honored to be chosen to do her wedding, just as honored by your comments of encouragement and support. Thank You! BE ENCOURAGE! BE BLESSED!


  11. Congratulations, Francine, on your wedding shoot. That’s got to be exciting!!! I’m glad you had fun with it. Thanks for sharing the good news. Great murals, too!

  12. Beautiful graffiti! Love them!

  13. I have a couple of books on shooting weddings if you want to check them out before your next one! I know you did a fabulous job.
    Enjoyed the brides on the wall today.

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