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The Tuesday challenge from A-Z Archive created by Frizztext is the letter “P”.  I choose to use a regal animal from my archives that dresses up for all occasions.  They hold their heads high and proud no matter the situations they may face.  When a crowd appears before them they bow their heads in acknowledgement and proceeds to entertain us with their antics.  What more can we ask for when we visit them at our local zoos.  Of course you guessed it.  My subject for today’s post is the Penguin

The penguins shown here from top to bottom are The King Penguin, Macaroni and Gentoo Penguin.

These photos were taken last year at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.



13 Responses to “PENGUINS’ PRIDE”

  1. Wow I love Penguins Francine they are so cute, I don’t think I ever got over Happy Feet, great Photography thank you for sharing.

    Christian Love from both of us -Anne.

  2. Terrific post for P. love your penguins.

  3. “Hold your head high” is a great way to show pride. Thank you, Francine!

  4. i loved this post. the pics were awesome

  5. Wonderful entry today. Ya gotta love penguins!

  6. Lovely penguin pics. They do look so regal in their tuxedos. 😉

  7. Penguin posts are a guaranteed read for me…always 🙂

  8. Francine,
    Great penguin photos!

  9. They are really beautiful creatures, aren’t they?

  10. Great choice – can’t resist Penguins 🙂

  11. Cute little penguins! Such amusing creatures.

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