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Frizztext has given us our new challenge for today from the A-Z ARCHIVEOur task is to find a photo starting with the letter “Q”.  I must admit at first I had a hard time thinking of something I had in my photo archives.  Then I remembered some pictures I had taken last fall on a visit to the Amish country in Ohio where we traveled along the Erie Coastal Trail.  So my subject is the “QUARTER HORSE”.


The American Quarter Horse is an American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances. Its name came from its ability to outdistanced other breeds of horses in races of a quarter mile or less; some individuals have been clocked at speeds up to 55 mph (88.5 km/h). The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the United States today, and the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world, with more than 5 million American Quarter Horses registered.

The American Quarter Horse is well known both as a race horse and for its performance in rodeos, horse shows and as a working ranch horse. The compact body of the American Quarter Horse is well-suited to the intricate and speedy maneuvers required in reining, cutting, working cow horse, barrel racing, calf roping, and other western riding events, especially those involving live cattle. The American Quarter Horse is also shown in English disciplines, driving, and many other equestrian activities



20 Responses to “A-Z ARCHIVE: Q”

  1. Interesting. I love horses

  2. excellent choice francine! the horses are lovely 🙂

  3. horses are so graceful and muscular, beautiful

  4. Simply beautiful animals!

  5. the AMISH people use QUARTER horses too?

  6. What beautiful animals and photographs!

  7. Good thinking, Francine. Beautiful horses too. 😉

  8. Q is a tough letter! You did good! Lovely pics!

  9. Magi is a quarter horse, so you know I’m partial to this particular breed. Great choice for Q, Francine. 🙂

  10. What personality in that horse! Love it!

  11. Very nice! Lots of information here. My ten year old daughter and I have just finished reading the Newbery Honor book Misty of Chincoteague and the novel talked a great deal about horses, the different types, and their quirky personalities. Your post reminded me of that book. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Good one for the challenge and a very informative description 🙂

  13. Great entry Francine! Beautiful captures! 🙂

  14. Great photos on your blog. My wife grew up in Spartansburg, Pa. We have a home in Millersburg, Ohio, smack dab in the middle of Amish country. Actually my parents were Amish until they married in 1947. Keep shooting.

  15. My house mate is from Kentucky and she has mentioned these horses before, nice to see them and learn a bit more.

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