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The new challenge sponsored by The Daily Post at WordPress is “TOGETHER”.  What better way to come together than at a wedding.  Here are some more photos I was privileged to take at Tracy and Randy’s wedding early this month.




  1. This is the perfect expression of “together.”

  2. Nicely done, Francine. Especially love #1 and the third one with the children with the dramatic light.

  3. Very Beautiful… Many Blessings… Bro pat.

  4. I love the last photo – the girls look so adorable!

  5. As a non-participant, I enjoy seeing how each photographer interprets the challenges. Your photographs here, Francine, are a perfect example, each portraying a form of “together”.

  6. there is no greater joy than sharing a wedding together. so new and full of promise

  7. Such beautiful, intimate pics of such a special day!

  8. That one little girl just cracks me up, Francine. She looks like a real little pistol. I’ll be she is a happy little handful. Great shots. Here’s wishing the newlyweds many years of wedded bliss to come. 🙂

  9. so beautiful, sending love and wishes for a happy life together!

  10. What lovely shots (as well as beautiful smiles). I love weddings, what a fitting tribute for the Together photo challenge. 🙂

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  12. Great entry for the challenge! Beautiful captures!

  13. Makes me believe that love and magic is everywhere and that everyone deserves a happy ever after story. Beautiful…thanks for sharing.

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  15. Simply love the little one in your last photo!! Oh, and if you are interested in a game of tag: Guess Who Came to Play Tag?
    Have a happy day! 🙂

  16. An obvious serie of “together” shots, but always plaeasant when well done!
    Thank you too Francine for liking my entry 🙂

  17. Beautiful… I wish them happiness. 😉

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