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Here we go again with another great challenge from Jakesprinter’s “SUNDAY POST: SHELTER”.  My entries are these photos I took in February 2012, depicting one of the last action the Occupy Pittsburgh Movement erected on their last day in residence on Mellon Green in downtown Pittsburgh before their eviction.





23 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: SHELTER”

  1. what a poignant entry, Francine. Pictures do indeed paint a thousand words; especially these.

  2. Thank you, Francine. Very powerful photos…and a message to us all.

  3. These photos are great (I especially like the first one)…all the more so because of what they mean. Nice choice.

  4. A little sad…but very real life. Were these individuals or businesses being evicted? Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Yes they were. They were part of the Occupy Movement here in the U.S. They held a non-violent protest for over 5 months, the longest in the movement that started on Wall Street. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  5. Thanks for sharing these with us Francine – especially as I did not get to see these sights in reality.

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  7. Natural and stunning great idea Francine great work 🙂

  8. marvelous post francine, and weren’t those protesters ingenious with their shelters!

    • Yes they were. When they knew the day came for their eviction they build this structure from the flats they had in and around their tents for potection from the winter elements. It looks like a trojan horse structure to me. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Very cool. Sad, yet powerful. An awesome capture!

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  11. Nice photos and well chosen as well. It makes us realize how blessed we are to have a home while there are countless others who lose theirs. Everyone is entitled to have a place to stay, to call their own home but then again, the world really isn’t fair.

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting on shelter post. Sad but true not everyone has a home to call their own and that’s sad with so many boarded up homes in our cities. Hope you visit again.


  12. Thanks for sharing the photos…I saw the Occupy London and it is nice to see others around the world.

  13. That’s very impressive.

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