Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography


There were days when I would venture out to take some random photos and would always run into some amazing dogs to photograph.  After sorting through some files I found these dog photos and realized they all followed a trend. THEY HAD THEIR TONGUES OUT.  So here are my tongue in cheek dogs.  Please enjoy.  They all have something to say.  Can you guess what it is?




20 Responses to “TONGUES OUT”

  1. I think they’re saying ..’it’s hot!”

  2. Just love then Francine, this is one Ron will Love too, the second oh so cute doggy, looks like our Monty, thank you for sharing them God’s animal creation is awesome even the bunnies.

    Christian Love Anne

  3. They made me smile, thanks for that 🙂

  4. Gotta love the pupsters!

  5. I think they are saying they are hot and they would like some ice cream.

  6. Brilliant captures! May I add my tongue too ?

  7. Gorgeous faces……and tongues. 😉

  8. Thanks Francine for the photos of those cute dogs , the 2nd one looks exactly like our dog ,Monty a maltese. You asked why they have their tongues out ? I think that they are saying to you , “we like hanging out with you !”

    Thanks for the fun shots of the doggies


  9. Looking at these pictures, it seems to me they’re giving you “the look”, the one that would make you want to cuddle them and give them food, water and anything they want. 😀

  10. Aww, they’re cute! They’re probably all saying ‘it’s hot! let’s go grab an ice cream!’ 😀

  11. A great little series of tongues-out. I love the idea and enjoyed your pictures. All four of them are very cute.

  12. those are just so cute! i am so glad you shared them with me

  13. Beautiful post! They look happy!

  14. wonderful shots of humans best friends. I really enjoy keeping in touch with you through your photography; wonderful pictures. And they’re all saying ” Oh this is fun ! “

  15. They sure are cute! They look like they’re smiling… 🙂

  16. humorous title!

  17. Cute 🙂 The second one looks more bothered by the heat that the others!

  18. I so love these photos…adorable.

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