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Yesterday I went out to photograph the remains of the Mellon Arena which was recently torn down.  The Arena was the former home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The building hosted the Ice Capades, concerts and Operas.  I am sad to see it go.  I have many memories of time spent under its dome.


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10 Responses to “IN RUINS”

  1. Considering all of the shows and sporting events that were held there, at least the people of PIttsburgh have plenty of memories of Mellon Arena in its prime.

  2. Hi Francine, it is sad to see things that hold special memories for us being demolished, it’s not the building etc but the memories they hold. Thinking of you my friend.

    Christian Love Anne

  3. I’d never had the privilege of being there but there’s something so poignant about seeing the place of so many memories lying in ruins. Very fine photos.

  4. It is always sad to see the destruction of something which holds good memories. Are they going to build anither one there?

  5. They can tear down the building, but the memories will stay. It’s sad, but our world keeps changing, growing, making way for new memories. Great photos

  6. It is sad. So much years of memories gone in one single moment. I hope whatever they will build in its place will create the same magic that it did and bring its visitors the same wonderful memories as the arena. Wonderful post…

  7. That is sad.

  8. It is amazing how quickly they can demolish something isn’t it? What are they planning to build in that space?

  9. Inn the name of ‘progress’ no doubt. Have you got photos of it in the past? it will be interesting to look back on.

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