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The Daily Post at has, for me, given us a fun challenge that has offered the opportunity to post photos we would probably never put on display for the world to see. 

When I searched through some of my cast offs I found a few that when I looked at them I saw something entirely different from what I was shooting.  Take a look at the one below.  What do you think it is?

I know you took one look at this and thought.  “Come on Francine, are you crazy?”  I say crazy as a fox.  Just look again.  What do “you” see?





  1. Cool shot Francine

  2. What originally was a unfocused photo of a fish in a large tank at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium on second, third and fourth review looked like a fox’s head to me. Smiles

  3. I hazard a guess at some sort of fish. I do not know whether to nice picture or not on this challenge. but still Francine, nice take,,;)

  4. It looks like a shark to me.

  5. One eyed green monster 🙂

  6. Oh it’s fun! Love it!

  7. it looks like some sort of fish?

  8. My first thought was fish, but it’s too green …

  9. Francine,
    I thought it was a flamingo. 🙂 Great entry! Good idea having readers figure out what it is.

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  11. Good one Francine! I guess it’s an alien from outer space 🙂

  12. looks like a beluga whale..

  13. Vey cool picture for the theme!

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  15. I was going to say that it is a fish but then already read your comment. 😀

    Nice shot. 🙂

  16. Hi Francine, at first I thought it was a fish but then I thought that’s to easy so then I thought it must be a cooked Chicken on a platter but by your reply to others it was a fish, we should never mix logic with reason or something like that but it must have been a big fish or it’s close up, perhaps that’s why it’s blurry Hmmmm I’m doing it again. 😀

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  17. A big fish in an aquarium? lol! It’s a crazy nice photo!

  18. OK Guys, looks like you didn’t fall for my fox idea. Yes, indeed, it’s a fish tale. Can’t fool the great eye of the blogging community. Although I like the monster, alien, flamingo and beluga whale theories. Feel free to continue to give your version of my fish tale.


    • What Francine, you didn’t like my guess of a cooked Chicken on a platter, how disapointing but it does show that knowelage is better then guess work , you knew what it was we didn’t so of course you are going to be right.

      Hmmmm I will have to try to stump you now, try these ones on the link below and let me know how good your reasoning is…. but I’m still upset you didn’t like my chicken, at least it was cooked, it could have been running around the chook pen aimlessly.

      Christian Love Anne.

      • Oh my my my! As much as I like cooked chicken. My brain must have been fried. Just chock it up to one of my senior moments. Besides I am often blind in one eye and can’t see out the other. (smile) Thanks for fishing for a reply comment. (smile)


      • Nooooooooo you are not getting out of it that easy Francine, try my riddles but keep in mind I know the answers and even if you start fishing for them I won’t tell you, instead you will just have to wing it if you don’t know but please don’t get in a flap, if you scratch around a bit you might find the answer, but then knowing you, I’m sure you won’t lay an egg 😀

        Don’t you just love communicating we learn so much, it’s like flying in a way and the more we seek to understand the more we will be able to soar … How good is That!….. a whale of Truth for sure and not at all fishy.

        Love always – Annie in flight.

      • I am not going to try to get out of this. I’m having too much fun. But can I take a day to renew my mind and look at the link tomorrow. My brain is truly fried and my eye lids keep closing. Plus now I have a lot at state and don’t want to suffer having egg on my face. (smile) Promise, first thing tomorrow I will be up for the challenge. Oh! forgot we are in different time zones. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


  19. I’m sorry Francine, I forgot it is your nesting time, sorry I mean your resting time but no worries you will no doubt be chirpy again tomorrow and Noooooooo you could never have egg on your face , their hatching soon … that’s a yoke in case you didn’t realise it Ha Ha 😀

    Laying it on the line – Annie

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  21. Is it a young cow? A dog? Now you got my curiosity running wild. Keep me updated…I’m curious to know. Take care…

  22. A capsicum on roller skates, to me:)

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  24. Interesting shot. 🙂

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  27. It’s the green and yellow that made me think it might be a fish, but it’s the texture that had me suspect that it was a plucked chicken!

  28. from reading the comments I know it isn’t what I thought it was…but I’ll tell you anyway…I saw a lemon hurtling through the air! (I thought maybe someone tossed it the way a baseball might be pitched!) 🙂

    • I like your guess. Looking at it, I can see a lemon also. Well here’s to you for your great guess with my glass of lemon juice in hand. (smile)


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