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The weekly challenge for PHOTO FRIDAY: DETAILED has proved to be an interesting one for me.  I thought about all the photos I had that would suit this challenge, then realized that the below photos I took would fit perfectly.  Click on link above to see related entries.

I stumbled upon this car exhibit while going to the grocery store last summer.  It seems this car club meets together in the store parking lot to show off their boy toys to each other and anyone who happens along.  Some of the owners of these cars have won awards for their cars.

Here are the two I like.  One is a 1955 Chevy, and the other ’34 Ford Sedan.  Enjoy!







14 Responses to “PHOTO FRIDAY: DETAILED”

  1. Two handsome cars! the “Photo Friday” link has some cool photos, I’ll take time to view them later today. Thank you, Francine!

  2. What pristine condition, these two lovely old cars are in, Francine. Great take on the theme. 😉

  3. I love cars! The color in these is great! So vivid!

  4. Awesome cars with colors that can make your head spin. Broooom!

  5. Cool details Francine! Great entry!

  6. Lovely classic cars!

  7. Really jazzy cars! 🙂 Absolutely flawless specimens!!! Great photos!


  8. Wow, Francine! Both an Uncle & my Grandfather had a ’55 Chevy. Theirs were both red but not 2-toned like the one pictured. These are the last things I thought I’d be reminded of today on WP. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  9. A series of nice and fun pictures. I really like that you combined pictures of real old-timers with a picture of a model. My favourite are the ones with details of the green car, very tight and beautifully captured.

  10. Gorgeous! 🙂

  11. I like your take on “detailed”. Fantastic photos & beautiful cars. Perfect 🙂

  12. Those two cars are classics, I have seen a restored 55 Chevy only a little while ago they are all real car, no plastic ! the 34 Ford was such a reliable car take you anywhwere ,bit hard on batteries though, there was one in our family. Thanks for the memories Francine, loved it.


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