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This past week I had been doing a lot of work in my yard, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, digging holes and planting flowers and shrubs.  I already had a bird bath, so I decided to add a bird feeder.  Could not reach a tree branch, didn’t have a hook to attach to the fence but had an extra Shepard’s hook that goes into the ground, so I attached the feeder to it.

 Some time later I noticed the hook was bent and almost touching the ground.  Knowing the feeder and hook were too heavy for birds to bend,  I started to watch from my window in hopes of discovering who was at fault.

In the process I noticed and photographed the antics of two Mourning Doves that caught me totally by surprise.  Plus I was able to nail the one behind the bending of the bird feeder.  Check out the video to see my findings.


 Read more information about what I found here.



15 Responses to “CAUGHT IN THE ACT”

  1. Squirrels can be so pesky. I was unable to see the video for some reason
    The first pick and the arrow came up but as I clicked it to play the screen went dark. I thought maybe it was loading but not yet
    Just totally dark. I bet it was great.

  2. I think squirrels must go to some sort of finishing school where they learn the fine art raiding bird feeders. Your li’l guy obviously got an advanced degree.

  3. Ah…I know they can be a nuisance but they are so adorable and he really wanted the bird food.

  4. Oh, this would have been perfect for the together challenge!

    • I know. Only took yesterday (Mother’s Day) and was happy I could capture these two love birds. Thanks for your comment. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


  5. As destructive as they are, I love squirrels. They are so cute and agile, how can anyone not love them … even when they are being mischievous ? Oh, and did I mention, they are determined, too? Of course, you knew that already, Francine … after all, you did catch your little friend in the act. Cute share, dear. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Francine,
    Great collection of photos! The birds look so sweet. And that squirrel was really hungry and persistent. I especially like the shot with some seeds flying up the air. Wonderful!

    • Thanks Claudia for your comment. I had a lot of fun watching and photographing all my little friends. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


  7. It’s so beautifully done! A sweet story of the two love birds and the squirrels… Thank you, thank you for sharing your video!

  8. Love this post…it’s like you have a camera in our backyard–we’ve got squirrels coming out of everywhere!

    • The little guy is something else. My bird feeder was full and in one day he ate it all. But he was a joy to watch. I have to relocate feeded and place it higher and away from fence and trees. Thanks for commenting. Good luck with yours. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


  9. A priceless photo! Must be an exciting, kind of a “surprise” moment. A fun thrilling post. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

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