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The Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue from The Daily Post at had me searching my archives again.  I knew I had taken a photo of this Blue Hydrangea two years ago and had to think how I listed it.  Here it is in all its’ blue glory.

 Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made,

and forgot to put a soul into.”

~Henry Beecher




  1. These are just beautiful, Francine. Great entry for the challenge. 🙂

  2. How very full and beautiful! I have a snowball hydrangea that blooms like your blue one. Mine is at least 50 years old. Then, I have a varigated blue one that is only a few years old and hasn’t quite hit its peak. I have a lot of blooms on it this year, so I am hoping it will burst in beauty. 🙂

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  4. Bella, bella! The quote made me teary…

  5. These flowers bring to mind memories of a favourite aunt of mine – she always had these growing next to her front door. They are beautiful.

  6. Oooh I love blue hydrangea, lovely post. xxx Ailsa

  7. Very, very pretty! The quote was nice too! Great job!


  8. Nice entry. these could have been pink it it were planted in a different type of soil. 😀

  9. so nice to see them packed together 🙂

  10. My mom loves this flower very much! 🙂

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  13. Lush, vibrant, beautiful Blue HYDRANGEA. I remember planting some for my mom when I was in college. It didn’t survive the hot weather but we did get to enjoy it’s beauty no matter how short lived it was. I agree, flowers are the sweetest creation. They inspire our deepest thoughts and emotions. Thanks…

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  15. Excellent shot my friend 🙂

  16. My mum would like these!


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  23. Aren’t they effusively, abundantly superb!!

  24. Beautiful blue hydrangeas Francine. Flat Ruthie could have posed in the midst of them. Glad to see your blog growing and flourishing so well.

    • Thank you Ruth, I always appreciate your support. After all you got me started and everything I do on my blog is because of your influence and encouragement. You have been a great mentor.


  25. Absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of a recent holiday to the Kwazulu Natal Midlands, here in SA. The B&B ( we stayed had enormous flower beds full of these stunning flowers. They also had lots of Cosmos which made such a pretty picture.

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Also thanks for sharing the link to this wonderful bed and breakface. Hope you visit again.


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  27. Beautiful pics, Francine. I think blue hydrangeas are the best colour of all. 😉

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  31. I so love hydrangeas!! Beautiful!!!

  32. My ex MiL pronounced these ‘Higher -der-rangers’!

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  34. l love flowers and the hydrangea is one of them. Lovely choice. 😉

  35. These are such a pretty blue. Such gorgeous flowers!

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  38. So pretty! I can’t help but let out a few ohs! and ahs! when I see blue hydrangeas. They are so improbable, so unlike anything else — almost like something in a Dr. Suess world — that they just make me smile on even those days when I am in the bluest of moods!

    • Ane, I never thought about Dr. Suess, but you are right they do remind me of him. Thanks for your comment. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


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  40. Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous!

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  42. Hi Francine I must have missed this post, they are beautiful like you, we see your beauty within, by your kind and caring spirit, thank you for your encouragement and support on our blog, your friendship is very precious to us.

    Christian Love and thanks from both of us – Anne.

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  45. Thanks for all the likes on past posts! Happy reading!

  46. Hydrangeas are my favorites, and these pictures are just beautiful! I can’t wait until they bloom this year 🙂 Thanks Francine!

  47. I am just catching up on things… and I saw you stopped by CTB 🙂 Thanks! Lovely BLUE… I have a photo of some light pink and mauve hydrangeas and used it for TODAY challenge. One was 2 colours on one bloom!

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