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Tuesdays weekly A-Z ARCHIVE Challenge is the letter “T”.  This challenge is always sponsored by fellow blogger FRIZZTEXT, a great photographer and musician.  Visit his site for more entries on above link.

Last year I took one of my day trips to Dover, Ohio.  One of the sights I visited was the Warther Museum. The home of Ernest (Mooney) Warther’s carvings of perfect scale replicas of massive locomotive steam engines. There’s the Lincoln Funeral Train, carved in 1965, with tiny Lincoln in his tiny casket inside. The Great Northern, carved in 1933, which was Mooney’s favorite. He worked almost exclusively in walnut, ebony and ivory, and since he love elephants he only used antique tusks or ivory from old billiard balls.

The Smithsonian has called his wood carvings :priceless works of art.” The perfection and mechanizing of his steam locomotives earned him the title of World’s Master Carver, in the 1920’s.





29 Responses to “A-Z ARCHIVE: T”

  1. Oh, my gosh! These trains are just spectacular. Indeed they are works of Art…priceless works of Art with a rich history. Just amazing. Thanks for sharing them….

  2. Such craftsmanship! What a talented artist!

  3. I’ve never heard of this artist but now I want to see his work. How very clever! Thanks for sharing.

  4. when I discovered the replica of the “Funeral Train of Abraham Lincoln 1865” I had a memory flashback to my childhood: on one Xmas evening I got replicas in that size too, metal; you can’t buy this nowadays in toys shops …

  5. Absolutely lovely works of Art, thank you so much for bringing these to our attention! He deserves far more exposure. Lovely

    • Thank you for your comment and I agree. I had never heard of him before my visit to his museum, which is still operated by this family.


  6. This truly is a priceless art work!! The details are just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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  8. Lovely I always wanted one like this!

  9. Amazing train… I want one in my desk…

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  11. A fascinating set of shots – especially for us train enthusiasts 🙂 Clearly a lot of careful work has gone into each one. Good choice for T!

  12. I have a soft spot for trains. We used to treck around the country looking for model railways and steam trains when my son was small. Some beautiful pieces here- well captured.

  13. WOW! Great shots, my father has always LOVED trains.

  14. Thanks for sharing Francine the skill and passion of the Carvers as they worked with such detail and precision and love for their subject,great to see.I guess our maker God must of had patience and a sense of humour when He turned me out !


  15. Very nice photos of trains here. The Funeral Train of Abe Lincoln caught my eye.

    • It caught mine as well. Inside the train you could see the carved casket of Lincoln. All his trains were carved with such details and moving parts. Thanks for your comment. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


  16. Hi Francine we will be leaving for our Holiday’s soon and I need to pack which takes me a little longer then most, so will have to limit my Blogging, I will be doing a Post to let everyone know but just wanted to tell you personally. I will be taking a lap top but it’s a bit primitive but I hope to be able to do those Power points that I have promised.

    We will back at the end of May, take care my friend, we will miss you but still hope to keep in touch even if limited.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Thank you dear Anne, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and birthday wishes to you as well. Will miss hearing from you but enjoy yourselves. You and Ron deserve it.


  17. Awesome trains! Thank you for sharing Francine!

  18. Great variety of trains you’ve got here Francine

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