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One of the things I like about living in the city is listening to the wonderful street musicians who make a living by providing us some wonderful music on our downtown street corners.  Here are just a few.


Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities, which are generally in the form of money and edibles. People engaging in this practice are called street performers, buskers, street musicians, minstrels, or troubadours.

Street performance dates back to antiquity, and occurs all over the world.

Performances can be just about anything that people find entertaining. Performers may do acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon twisting, card tricks, caricatures, clowning, comedy, contortions and escapes, dance, singing, fire eating, fire breathing, fortune-telling, juggling, magic, mime and a mime variation where the artist performs as a living statue, musical performance, puppeteering, snake charming, storytelling or recite poetry or prose as a bard, street art such as sketching and painting, street theatre, sword swallowing, and even put on a flea circus.




15 Responses to “STREET MUSIC”

  1. Your pics are very nice. Thanks for the lesson too! May the Lord bless you, abundantly!

  2. I love Pittsburgh’s street performers as well (and I also live in the city).

  3. I know many may not agree with me but I enjoy most street performers. They add so much to the city landscape.

    • I agree John. Pittsburgh has so many talented people and with summer approaching many more will come out, especially doing the lunch hour to perform some wonderful concerts in the parks and on the street corners. Hopefully I will be able to record some next time I’m out for that purpose. Thank you for commenting.


  4. Nice captures. The variety & life of street performers is a wonderful thing.

  5. I love to listen to talented street musicians. They really brighten up my day, so I brighten up theirs with a donation. 😉

  6. My husband loves the street performers! He always donates to them citing that they are doing a service by playing beautiful music. Thanks for the great post. 🙂

  7. Good collection of street musicians in Pittsburgh!

  8. I enjoyed this tremendously! Thank you so much

  9. Wonderful post Francine, the rich life of the city, we have our own arts festival in the next ten days so we enjoy some of these delights 🙂

  10. While I’ve never lived in a city with street performers, I’ve visited many and like you, I just love them! Wonderful photos and great memories!

  11. Loved EVERY image!!

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