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There is no better friend to man than a cat or dog.  They give us unconditional love and support.  They brighten up our days and protect our nights,  They each have their unique ways of communicating with us.  If you don’t think a dog or cat can  talk you have not heard the language of a purring cat contented in the presence of their owner.  Or a dog’s cry or bark to alert his or her master of danger.

How do we repay their love and devotion.  Easy.  We love and take care of them.  They are not just our pets.  They are part of our family.

Here are two sets of owners displaying their affection and care for their special family member.


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33 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: PET”

  1. Funny! He really loves his pets! 🙂
    God Bless You!

  2. Your cat is really cute and those dogs are adorable.

  3. […] Sunday Post: Pet ( […]

  4. Such sweet photos!

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  6. Cute dog-carrier, Francine. 😉 That cat looks so like my late Joey. Such a sweet face.

  7. Your thoughts and photos are great for this theme my friend Francine nice work 🙂

  8. Looks like those dogs are enjoying their ride! 🙂

  9. “There is no better friend to man than a cat or dog. They give us unconditional love and support. They brighten up our days and protect our nights..”
    Sooo true Francine, I was delighted to read you 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for sharing such sweet photos! How cool to take a ride with one cute dog on each side!

  11. Aww! Sweet post Francine!

  12. I so love this entry!! Wonderful!

  13. Cute cats Francine and the dogs on the Segway are so funny! Great stuff you’ve made me smile !
    blessings to you 🙂

  14. Where can I get a dog carrier for four?

  15. And my friends comment about me taking my dog for a ride in the car!

  16. I love that little scooter thingy with a dog carrier on either side. That’s the lazy man/dog’s way of going for a walk it seems. Cute. The kitty looks like he’s got it made, too. Some animals are lucky in love. I only wish they all were. 🙂

  17. what great photos…that guy has the right idea for his dogs

  18. They are part of our family. They brighten our world and always loyal. wonderful photos. Love the cool ride! Have a blessed day!

  19. I completely understand! 🙂

  20. What a great post – thanks, Francine!

  21. […] Sunday Post: Pet ( […]

  22. […] Sunday Post: Pet ( […]

  23. Love the Segway with the two dogs. Too bad it has a Steelers logo on it, though. lol

  24. Hi Francine, Pets are indeed part of our family, we miss our dear little Missy, I see her things all around me, her bed, her toys but I remember her in my heart, so she is not far.

    Thank you – Christian Love Anne

  25. Beautiful kitty! The dogs on the Segway look like they are really enjoying themselves and are used to that treatment…like royalty!

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