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Once again we participate in Frizztext’s A-Z Archive: V Challenge.  Still lingering in the spirit of memorial day, I offer this photo I took at last years Veterans Day Parade where this photo of Veterans for Peace was taken.



13 Responses to “A-Z ARCHIVE: V”

  1. Very important ‘V’ photo, Francine.

  2. Brilliant choice for the post! 🙂

  3. wonderful choice, peace is what we all need so badly, how can we stop the war industry?

  4. hi Francine,
    because you wrote about VETERAN’s DAY:
    my tribute for all, fallen: R.I.P. …
    me – impressed by the life of Joe Winter USA / Germany

  5. We could possibly attain peace, if we were smart enough to put Ron Paul in the White House. Had we done so in 2008, I think our troops would be home already, and quite a few would still be alive, enjoying their families. I hope one day, the world will find peace. It breaks my heart to think of all of the people that continue to die, and for what? Your choice for ‘V’ is wonderful and thought provoking, Francine. I hope the Veterans dreams are fulfilled. In the meantime, my blessings and gratitude are offered to them and their families. Blessings to you as well. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  6. Excellent choice for V

  7. Veterans and people who put their lives at stake everyday see and lived first hand what war does, how it destroy lives and families. With them I march and cry for peace, equality and the freedom from fear. Our children deserves a world that is safe and full of compassion. I wish one day people would stop hating and be selfless for once. Great post!

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