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Some people can fall asleep anywhere.  But in public!  I couldn’t do it.  I would be so afraid I would be robbed or some other unpleasant thing would happen.  Like bird droppings.  Could you fall asleep in public like the below individuals?




38 Responses to “LET ME REST”

  1. I guess they are either extremely tired for some reason? either drunk 😀
    Where did you find so many?and all men.

    • I found them in downtown Pittsburgh. I’ve never run across a woman sleeping. At least not on the street. I will have to look for some. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Did the first guy have his pillow inside his jacket?

  3. Could be the result of our society?

  4. This must be all hard “workers”…falling asleep on broad daylight 😉

  5. I could not do so – and I have been so tired at times I have wished I could. Like you, I fear to be robbed.

  6. I don’t necessarily think they are drunk. They look too clean to be drunks. They do look like they need a good nights sleep. Too many people do not get the right kind of sleep. Those big abdomans are screaming sleep apnea. OR – perhaps, they are showcasing a very BIG problem in society today – homelessness. It’s a shame.
    No – I couldn’t sleep out in public. I can’t even sleep on an airplane.
    ~~~~ : – )
    Thought provoking photo’s ….

  7. No, never out in public but, on a bus? I can fall asleep on a bus within minutes of taking a seat. I don’t know what it is about the ride but it puts me out and I need to try hard to remain awake.

    • Good one! The bus does carry a lot of riders who are taking a nap. I notice it more when they are returning home after a work day. When I was in the workforce I used my bus ride as an opportunity to read a book.

  8. I couldn’t fall asleep in public. When I took the subway in Boston I would see people fall asleep on the train all of the time. I could never do that. I would be scared of being robbed or of missing my stop.

  9. I would never ever fall asleep in public. I can’t even fall asleep on my night flights from the US to Germany. I can only fall asleep in my bed. I wish I could sleep on the plane, but I simply can’t … unlike my better half. He falls asleep everywhere when he’s tired (not in public places, though).

  10. Unlike my sister, who can sleep standing up, I can’t sleep anywhere except in my bed and, every now and then on the weekend, I have an afternoon nap on my couch which is strategically placed to catch the winter sun. These poor fellows seem very content having there little snooze for all to see though. Bless them.

  11. Interesting! Each one has a story, perhaps one was too drunk to get home, the other feel sleep while his girlfriend was nearby shopping, while the other may just be tired from the heavy burdens of life!
    btw, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

  12. There are many reasons why they were sleeping in public places such this. :p I try not to sleep in public area, to prevent something risky. Nice to remind us

  13. well i think i have fallen asleep in an airport lounge … but not on a park bench … bless them, they must be tired!

  14. I think I would have to feel safe! Or extreme — I don’t care where I sleep — tired. Good capture!
    God Bless You!

  15. z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z Night now Francine!

  16. No I couldn’t relax like that, Francine. I have no difficulty falling asleep in front of the TV though. 😉

  17. In the branches of a tree on the edge of town? Yes. On public transportation, yes. I’ve done both of those. In the open air of a city? No way!

  18. A common stght around here

  19. Great page you have here my friend , I update my about page too LOL,
    More power to your blog 🙂

  20. […] shot is in reverence to Francine’s Gassette’spost from a while […]

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