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I’ve taken a different approach to the challenge on sunrise.  I’ve seen some very beautiful sunrise post from fellow bloggers and was very impressed.  Check them out on our host’s blog, Jakesprinter .

My entry is the Sunrise Breakfast.  It consist of two eggs ( Sunnyside up ) home fries, with onions, bacon, wheat toast, black raspberry jam  and a cup of fresh ground coffee.  Enjoy!

Now, I’m no cook but I’m learning a lot from my blogger friend John from the Bartolini kitchens.  Please visit his blog for expertly detailed recipes.




23 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: SUNRISE”

  1. You’re making me hungry. 🙂

  2. Yum Yum.. Looks so good…

  3. Cleverly done, Francine. This is what I enjoy about these challenges. Everyone is free to interpret it on their own and the variety is wonderful.

  4. Great idea, Francine. I haven’t seen a sunrise for a long time, but that breakfast, I would gladly get out of bed for. 😉

    • I haven’t either for awhile, our mornings have been very cloudy and I didn’t want to use an old photo of a sunrise that I had in the archives, so I was forced to think of something else. Glad you would get out of bed for a sunrise breakfast. (smile)


  5. That does look so yummy! Nice interesting take on the theme too. I like it!

  6. I LOVE your twist on the challenge – and I enjoy eating my eggs like this too 🙂

  7. This post is naughty in every sense of the word! (but nice)

  8. i do love eggs for breakfast, good idea francine 🙂

  9. A power breakfast to start a brand new day. A delicious, mouthwatering sunrise. Thanks.

  10. Beautiful post Francine I really love your idea for this week theme,
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  11. […] Sunday Post: Sunrise ( […]

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