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I was in New York City this pass weekend and took these photos for Photo Friday: Clothing challenge.  Let’s go shopping.  First Ralph Lauren’s Polo Mansion, then some local shops and street vendors.  ENJOY!




  1. Such beautiful summer colours, Francine. I would love to go shopping in New York right now. 😉

  2. don’t you find the shopkeepers complaining about you taking photo’s?
    one person once came to me and very clearly stated that he did not like it and I had to promise that no prices will show in any of my pictures

    • No I really didn’t. A lot of the prices were not apparent. I found that people didn’t mine me taking their photos, some even posed for me. When I had a doubt I asked before taking a picture. In all the many photos I took, only two people objected.

  3. Beautiful, colorful clothing! I feel like to go shopping, now… Thanks, Francine!

  4. If there was any doubt, these clothes and their colors are announcing summer is here.

  5. LOved this challenge!! The windows look amazing and the clothes tdf!!

  6. Very beautiful clothings ! Shops look very expencive though. The last photo has most beautiful and different from usuall dresses !!!

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