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CLOSE is the theme for The Daily Post at  I was in New York City this past weekend so I thought I would share some up close and personal pictures of people I photographed there.  Visit link above for other entries.

The city is a fascinating place to visit with some amazing sights to see.  Here are just three.  One sweet ( a couple in Central Park) one  maybe shocking to some (The Naked Cowboy) in Times Square and the third a toast to you for your visit to this site.  ENJOY!

 All week I will be sharing photos of my visit with you.  




  1. @Francine, The first photo makes me jealous 😆
    The second photo … ha ha … he’s handsome in his underwear 😉
    and the third photo … um … very fresh 😀 Well done with the theme WPC this time. Thanks for stopping in my blog

  2. Love all three 🙂 Thanks for the toast Francine.

  3. Seriously, the naked cowboy…too funny and love the last one! Yum!!

  4. Such a sweet first pic. 😉 The naked cowboy……only in NYC. 😉 Cheers to you too, Francine. Have lots of fun.

  5. Having been in NYC just over a month ago I shall be watching this week with longing!

  6. There is only 1 NYC!

  7. that first image is so romantic…and the second…what a hoot

  8. i would have enjoyed that visit to the Big Apple, thanks for the toast!!!

  9. Great post for CLOSE this challenge, Francine.

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  11. I really miss shooting in NYC.

  12. Close and exciting . My favorite are the two “love birds” on top of a rock. Whew!

  13. First and second pic, what? Nice collection though.

  14. I wonder if Naked Cowboy has become a franchise industry. This guy looks a lot younger that the Naked Cowboy I knew. Perhaps it’s NC, jr or the magic of cosmetic surgery? 😉

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  16. Love the couple and the toast. The naked cowboy is pretending too much, is isn’t naked at all 😛

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