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One afternoon while on our recent trip to New York City we spent a little time during some window shopping.  We had just come out of the Ralph Lauren ( Polo Mansion ) men’s division store located on Madison Avenue, when I noticed this handsome man sitting on a pair of church steps next to the store.  I looked all around for the camera crew because I thought he must be a model for the Polo brand and they were shooting a commercial.  But their were none, only me.  I motioned to him asking if I could take his picture and he gave me the go ahead.  

I then realized he must be one of the associates who worked in the Ralph Lauren store and was taking a break to make a phone call.  To me he was my own Ralph Lauren model that I discovered.  What do you think, should he be on a magazine cover or featured in an ad?



27 Responses to “TAKING A BREAK”

  1. Nice photos, nice looking man but I just can get beyond that he’s not wearing [visible] socks 🙂

  2. I noticed the no socks thing too. Thanks for clarifying the matter. Great shot!

    • Thanks. I’m glad I spotted him. But then again who could miss a man with no socks sitting on church steps in the middle of the afternoon.


  3. You shot looks as if it could be a cover on GQ. Great picture. He looks like a Ralph Lauren model to me. 🙂

  4. Weird, eh? All I could think about is “where’re his sox?”! Then I thought perhaps that’s the story: he’s on the phone persuading his (clandestine) lover to meet him at the Ralph Lauren store to give him his sox!

    It was a great find, Francine. Lovely shots.

    • I love your explanation. It did cross my mind as to who he was talking to. When I jester about taking his picture he didn’t miss a beat in his conversation in giving me the OK by nodding.

  5. Your very own model shoot! Cool Francine. Cool!
    love the no socks and suit look.

    • I was lucky to capture him and I didn’t have to do a thing but shoot. He was already in this position without a care in the world.


  6. Great shot, Francine. I find the fact that he has no socks fascinating — perhaps your model is single. 🙂
    God Bless You & yours!

  7. He’s just the epitome of New York style, and so handsome. I quite the no socks look. It makes him look kinda vulnerable and a bit absent minded. 😉

  8. Yes, he has model-good looks but I’ll never get behind the no socks thing with dress shoes. Sorry, Madison Avenue, it just ain’t gonna happen!

  9. He’s yummy – no socks!?

  10. I love the ‘no socks’ look!

  11. what a moment francine!!!!

  12. Great shot! This looks like something that should be in a fashion magazine 🙂

  13. Actually what I think is that he should be right here, right now, with me!!!

  14. Love that nonchalant air about him. Definitely cool and sexy 🙂

  15. I WISH I made this shot!

    This works as both street photography and street-style photography.

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