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There are a lot of murals located around the city of Pittsburgh.  One of the first ones I noticed is this bride located on the side of a building located on Penn Avenue in the Garfield neighborhood.  It fascinated me because the mural represent the bride entering into the row house next to the mural.

Later when I researched a photo I took at the Three Rivers Art Festival called “Catch of the Day”, I noticed that the artist who created the fish had also restored the Bride Mural above.  Check out her restoration process here.

The landmark Bridal Mural, designed and created by the late Judy Penzer and Jill Watson, fools the eye by depicting a continuation of the row of buildings next to it.

The artists both died on July 17th, 1996 in the TWA 800 on it’s way to France.

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20 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: ART”

  1. What a beautiful mural, and what a sad story of the artists.

  2. A beautiful mural with a beautiful story to tell. Love it! Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Best wishes to your family.

  3. I’d love to go to Pittsburgh just to see the murals. They are beautiful. Great capture!

    • I did a post awhile ago on some of the murals of Pittsburgh and may do another one. Thanks for your comment and I hope someday you will visit here. We are a friendly and beautiful city. Look for my post on our regatta in a couple of days.

    • Thanks. When I first saw it, I thought so as well. The first photo I took of it, a couple of years ago, was before it was restored. This one I took after restoration.

  4. Beautiful mural! Thank you for sharing the story and thank you for the link to the restoration, amazing task!

  5. Magnificent mural – such a lot of work! What a talent.

  6. I agree with you. I drove pass it one day and saw Ashley working on the restoration and went back a few months later to photograph the end results. She did a wonderful job.

  7. This so beautiful, Francine. Truly amazing. 😉

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  9. Oh Francine…of course I would love this one…coming from Muraltown New Zealand

  10. Such a beautiful mural, Francine. What a tragic ending for so gifted a pair of artists. Thanks for sharing their story and art with us.

  11. Lovely mural! Sad about the artists thoug 😦

  12. What an interesting mural. The light in the windows of the house is odd, and the bride has the same aura, and an apprehensive expression. Sad about the artists.

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