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When you are born and raised in the city there is a fascination of what it would be like living in the country.  As a child we would take rides out to the surrounding  countryside to buy fresh grown fruits and vegetables.   When given the opportunity to see and pet a farm animal was an extra treat.

As a senior adult I still enjoy the excitement of visiting a working farm.  Late last year I had the treat of touring an Amish farm in the state of Ohio.  The above photos are taking of that countryside trip.

Photo Friday is the sponsor of this weeks challenge, you can see or join other entries here.  

I will be visiting the countryside again at the end of the month, who knows what I will discover on this trip.  Come back for a visit and see.




  1. Our countryside is so different. Very dry, dusty and Khakhi coloure5 where there are no firebreaks, otherwise it is black and gray

  2. These photos are perfect entries for the theme, Francine. This countryside is beautiful, and the horses are lovely.

  3. A great response to the challenge, Francine. Enjoy your next trip to the country.

  4. That’s such a cheerful, colourful photo Francine! Stunning.

  5. Oh I love the second photo!

  6. Love the tractor Francine, and the horses!

  7. Good rural work.

  8. Great shots, I really likes them… 😉

  9. A post that reminds us how beautiful and fun the countryside is. Love it!

  10. Such BEAUTIFUL photos, every one!

  11. Great series, Francine! 🙂

  12. I have a fascination with everything country and also born and lives in cities…

  13. What lovely photos!! I love natural country shots like this. 🙂

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