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As many of you know, I grew up in the middle of a large urban city.  I also have a fascination concerning life in the country that goes back to my childhood days.

Last year while on a photo assignment with my photography class, I came across a coop filled with chickens.  They were living right on main street, which ran through the middle of the city we visited and next to a community garden where a corn field had been planted.

This experience revived memories of my early childhood when my family also raised chickens, ducks and a few rabbits in our small backyard that was also located in the city.  I can still see my mother going out to the chicken coop, selecting one, ringing its’ neck and placing it on an outside table where she plucked its’ feathers and with a large ax cut the bird apart in preparation for the family meal.  Not a pretty sight for a four-year old to see at first, but I adjusted to it.  It is probably why I don’t eat anything I see alive before consuming it.  

I love farm animals and enjoy watching and visiting them, so don’t think this has scared me for life.  I love fried, baked and boiled chicken today.  Below are some other photos I took on that day.

FrizzText, Story Challenge: Letter “C” can be found here, see other entries or take part by visiting his link.



22 Responses to “STORY CHALLENGE: LETTER “C””

  1. thanks for the chicken portraits!

  2. My father never ate chicken because as a child, he saw his pet one killed for dinner. Good photos for the theme, Francine.

    • Thanks Ad, I only saw my mother do this once or twice and she never did it in our presence again. The animals were never our pets. It was just a memory that was recently triggered. Thanks for your comment.

  3. in my childhood I had some chickens to sooth my soul – and I helped them: stole cheese to feed them; they loved me …

  4. These look like pretty happy chooks even if they are destined for the pot!

  5. Cool shots francine.
    My brother and i had a pet chicken each for a short while, and it was the highlight of our day to collect ‘our’ eggs from the coop every morning before school 🙂

  6. Gee, Francine, a post entitled “City Chickens” that doesn’t involve a recipe but that is about chickens in the city. Who knew?
    Great response to the challenge!

  7. […] ttp:// […]

  8. love this..chickens rule!

  9. nice shots of the rooster and the hens

  10. Chickens are fun to be around with. I grew up around them with ducks and other farm animals. Great times. Thanks for an adventurous post.

  11. I grew up in the country myself. Your post has brought back memories of those days.

  12. The roosters look pretty confident and proud. I loved the pictures! 🙂

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